Managing Partner

Jorge Aroche has been managing money as a registered representative in the financial services industry for almost 30 years.  Starting in the commodities business in the 80’s Jorge has guided clients though some of the most significant economic events of our time.

The stock market crash “Black Monday” in 1987, the “Bond Market Meltdown” of 1994, the Mexican Currency Crisis or “Tequila Effect” of 1994, the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, the Long Term Capital Management disaster of 1998, the “Dot-Com Bubble” of 2000, and more recently the 2008 meltdown in the global financial markets due to the burst of the US and worldwide housing bubble.

Through it all Jorge has been an active participant in the financial services industry.  He has worked in both large investment firms like Well Fargo f.k.a.  Wachovia, as well as smaller regional firms.  His experience has been concentrated on covering the unique needs of his clients from Latin America.

With his experience as a broker, supervisory principal, manager, and as part of one of the most successful and largest revenue generating teams in a large member firm he is uniquely qualified to advise customers in his latest endeavor, Globalinvest Financial Services Inc.

 Jorge is founder and majority owner of Globalinvest Financial Services Inc.  He serves as a Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer since its inception in 2011.