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⌟ Estate Planning

Many people believe they don’t need estate planning because they think they don’t have an estate. Or they think the value of their estate is not great enough to cause estate taxation, so what’s the point?

With few exceptions, everyone has an estate — If you own something of value that you would pass on to someone else upon your death, you have an estate. Whether you know it or not, you also have an estate plan. The state has one for you free of charge (well, sort of) if you don’t get around to writing a will or designing a plan of your own.

Bottom line: If you own something of value that you would pass on to someone else upon your death, you have an estate. Whether you know it or not, you also have an estate plan.

Broadly speaking, an estate plan encompasses the accumulation, conservation and distribution of an estate. A good plan will enhance and maintain the financial security of individuals and their families.

When you’re developing a plan for your estate, it is important to understand your entire financial picture.
That’s where I come in. Working with your tax and legal advisors, I will help coordinate your investment strategies to help ensure that your plan reflects your wishes for your legacy.

Complete the form if you’d like to receive my three estate planning guides, which include information about the importance of having certain estate documents, maintaining beneficiary designations, and organizing your financial documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How to Switch Banks?

A: Most of the time clients can keep their commercial banking relationship as we handle the investment side of the ledger. We can easily link your investment account to your checking or savings account. That way we can send you money when you need it or add to your investment account when you have a windfall or bonus.

Q : Why should I spend money on a financial advisor?

A: Most commonly, individuals seek the help of a financial advisor for retirement planning. But they can do much more than that. You can get help with college savings, work on household finances and even get out of debt with the help of a financial advisor.

Q : Can I get help with my debts from a financial advisor?

A: Absolutely, as part of our needs analysis we look at the debit side of the ledger to make sure a plan is in place to deal with the debt burden.

Q :  Which type of financial and investment advisor should I choose?

A: Do you want to receive advice that’s objective and based solely on what’s best for your situation? Or do you want to receive advice that could be influenced, at least in part, by how much money the advisor will make based on the recommendations? The only way to ensure that the recommendations you receive from your advisor are totally, 100 percent unbiased is to work with a Registered Investment Advisor.

Possible Risks

  • Market risk
  • Liquidity Risk.
  • Concentration Risk.
  • Credit Risk.
  • Inflation Risk.
  • Horizon Risk.
  • Foreign Investment Risk

We Will help you to understand:

  • Retirement Financial Planning 
  • Wealth Creation
  • Asset Protection
  • Investing for Retirement
  • Possible Risk Factors

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